When will my previous supplier refund my credit?

My old supplier has not received meter readings in order to give me a refund , I am over £300 in credit and need this

Can you send the meter readings which I supplied to you to my old supplier so I can get a refund please

Hi @Tomhanchris1

We’ve passed out the readings for your transfer, however, these can take a little while to arrive at your previous supplier. The reason for this is that these readings are validated by an independent party before arriving at the other company. They’ve left our end, so they should be there soon.

This process normally takes 3-4 weeks but can take up to 6 weeks as per the Energy Switch Guarantee.

As soon as the previous supplier has received them, they’ll be able to refund your credit.

We appreciate this frustrating as you gave us your meter readings at the end of October. It won’t take too long for the readings to arrive,