when will the options on the website to view my account be running?

I really need to view my readings and bills online, Is this too much to expect from my supplier? I’m disappointed because this is very important
and all other energy companies provide this service. How hard is it to get your website working?

Hi @starchamber,

I’m Jonathan, the Director of Operations and so this is something for me to answer.

I feel your pain. Getting the MyBulb section up and running is our highest priority right now. It’s very very close to being completed. We have it almost perfect, but that’s not good enough. We want all of the features to work as expected and to tie together seamlessly before we launch it.

This part of the site is very complex and pulls information from a lot of other platforms. Getting this right takes several rounds of testing, feedback and reworking to get correct. No coding ever works first time, and for something this complex it’s especially true. It’s taken a few extra rounds of this than we originally planned, so we’re really sorry that it’s taking longer than anticipated. Thanks for being so patient so far. We should be able to launch it very soon, so keep an eye out for it.

In the meantime, is there anything we can do proactively for you to smooth it over until then? Would you like us to send you all of your readings and bills now so that you can see them?

All the best,


Hi @starchamber

Good news, they’re now ready and live for you to use