When will you fit smart gas meter

I have an electric smart meter fitted by EDF which you read every month , my Gas meter is a normal one which I have to send readings for each month … how do I go about getting a smart gas meter fitted asap ?

Hi @twig.twiglets :wave:

At the moment you have a SMETS1 electricity meter and a legacy gas meter. We can’t just install an SMETS2 gas meter here because the smart meters work together, so SMETS2 gas on its own won’t work. We would need to remove the SMETS1 electricity meter and install both SMETS2 meters. As the electricity meter is working fine, we wouldn’t be able to replace it for free, it would cost around £275 to do this.

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Surely it’s about time you fixed this issue so old meters work with new ones … just a software issue imo … just not good enough

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This is an industry-wide problem with all suppliers and the smart network (DCC) are working together on. We are currently in the process of enrolling Smets 1 meters onto the DCC network.

Once we have been able to successfully enroll these and they are upgraded to the same network as the Smets 2 meters we would be able to look into switching new meters across, when this is possible we will reach out to let you know you are eligible for an exchange.

If you have any other questions and concerns please let me know.

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