When you bring smart meters for storage heaters

when you brining smart meters for storage heaters feels like waiting for ages. do you know when?

Bulb continue to say that they’ll fit them if and when the manufacturers supply them, but it’s a niche market, and my guess is that the manufacturers never will (they’re having enough trouble with getting the standard models of smart meter anywhere close to the same degree of reliability as the old “dumb” meters).

If you’re desperate to have smart meters, your best option is likely to be to get an electrician in to get your heaters rewired to not run off the “5th tail” (ie so that’s unused), and then a standard meter will suffice.

Hey @craigswoolleys Thanks for your post.

It is true that we do not offer Smart on setups that have storage heaters and as @stevefoster has pointed out, the new generation has only been live for a couple of years but there is plans in the future to get smart meters that will work with storage heaters straight away we just do not have an exact date on that.

Most smart meters are reliable and its simply more a connection (commissioning) issue than anything else. For actual storage heater setups there is no model created that will work with these yet.


any ideas when they will come out??

Hi @craigswoolleys :wave:

At the moment we cannot do 5 terminal smart meter jobs due to our installers stock. 5 terminal smart meters are due by the end of 2021, however we don’t currently have an exact date.

We hope we will be able to supply these as soon as possible.

Sorry that wasn’t the answer you were hoping for