Where are my meter readings??

I have been a member of bulb since February and diligently supplied my meter readings on the 27th of every month.
However, I can’t see all my entered readings when logged in to my account. Some are there as entered but most have been deleted and replaced by spurious estimate readings. Also the usage graphic is only showing the months of May and June as £ usage, but inconsistent with the statement available to download for that month.
If regular readings are a necessity for correct billing and account management, then why is my supplied data not being recorded?

Hi @Keepitsimple

Thanks for diligently giving us meter readings. You submit them on the 1st of each month. And we create your statements on the 30th. This means you submit meter readings just a little too late for us to put them on your statements. If you submit them a day or two earlier we’ll make sure we use your meter readings.

The estimates should be pretty accurate. Each time you submit your meter readings, the estimates will become more accurate.

According to the OP they submit their reading on 27th of each Bulb says it is 1st of each month. I wonder why the difference?