Where can I find my Bulb account number?

I’m feeling really thick this morning. Can anyone tell me where I can find my Bulb account number online? I’ve logged into MyBulb, and clicked around, but I can’t seem to see my account number listed anywhere.

Please help

Hey James,

We tend not to give you account numbers as we feel its a bit useless, and reduces people to numbers.

If you’re getting in touch with us we can look you up with your full name/email or postcode. Just make sure you send it to us privately if you have any queries :slight_smile:


That makes a lot of sense. Thanks Evie

anytime @jimmychill :hang_loose:

Hi, my daughter wants to make an over payment to Bulb via a sort code and account number. Can this be done and if it can where do I find the bulb payment details

#TerryWJ2019 - no, she will need to either change her direct debit amount or use the Top-up button under Payments and Statements if she has one.