Where can I see my monthly statement online?

I have not received my monthly statement

Hi there @Gerrittandclaudia

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You should be able to see your statements in your online account by clicking on ‘payments and statements’

I cannot find your Bulb account so will send you a message to request your information so then I can have a look into your bills.


I also can’t see my statements or my bill, and the person who recommended me has been told that I backed out of switching over to you but I haven’t??

Hi @allisonbond258,

If the switch didn’t go through, its usually due to your old supplier blocking that. They can do this for a variety of reasons, but the most common is outstanding debt on a meter.

I’ve popped you an email now, we can continue this conversation there.

I’ve made payment now to edf so should be able to switch now

Thanks @allisonbond258, I’ve set up your new account with us.

This means you’ll officially join us on the 21st of November as this is the soonest we could switch you over to us from EDF.

Make sure to check everything is set up the way you want it in your Bulb account: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard

Can’t wait for you to join us :tada: