where did my readings went?


last wek I received an email saying that BULB really needed my meter reading.
Today I opened the page to give my meter readings, and I noticed that the one I gave in the past disappeared and that there was no graph either.
After giving my meter reading as of today, I received an email thanking my for having provided my FIRST meter reading, while this was the fourth time I gave the reading.

Where did they go?


@Plymouth_YA thanks for getting in touch. I apologise for the meter readings not showing up in your account.

I can confirm that we have received your previous readings and I’ve raised this as a bug in your account with our tech team so that they can find a fix.

@“SJ at Bulb” any news from the tech team by nay chance? I still can’t see any data in my page

Yep interface is pretty rubbish unfortunately. Meter readings aren’t stored properly, well if they are then they are not being retrieved and displayed on the web page. Just checked my account and all my previously entered electricity readings have disappeared. I would say that this is a serious bug that likely affects everyones account.

I have had an account since June and, presumably as a result of the above ‘error’, I cannot track my usage since then.

If Bulb don’t raise their game in this regards I’ll be off to another provider.



Ha Ha, and guess what. Just as I am writing this post I receive a 'Thanks for your first meter reading" from Bulb. Unfortunately it looks like Bulbs web interface is not fit for purpose.

@bonxdog we prefer to call it ‘constantly improving’ and other such terms, though I can see where you’re coming from. It looks like in your case the reason your readings aren’t showing up is that we’re missing some technical bits and pieces about your meter, which should have been sent through to us before your switch but don’t seem to have arrived yet. I’ve chased up the chasing up-fingers crossed they’ll arrive soon and all your readings will show up.

@“David at Bulb”, mine were showing up, then disappeared, so it’s not actually a constant improvement, unfortunately. Even the one I have put on the 5th of August disappeared.

@Plymouth_YA. In your case, we also had not received the details about your meter that we need to issue the opening meter readings. I can see that @“Euan at Bulb” phoned your previous supplier and agreed on the opening readings back in June. Sorry that it’s been turbulent getting the meter readings up on your online account, they should be consistent from now on. I’ve flagged this will our tech team too.

@“Eleanor at Bulb” @“David at Bulb” @“SJ at Bulb” @“Euan at Bulb” another month passed and:

  • my old meter readings are still not appearing
  • the system still believe I never gave any readings, because after giving my readings as of today I got an email thanking for my first reading (It wasn’t)
  • none of you, or any other BULB customer support officer, thought it was a good idea in giving me any update.

do you mind proving a detailed summary of what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what is BULB doing to fix it?


Hi there @Plymouth_YA I’ve just logged into your account and there seem to be lots of past readings visible, can you not see those in the ‘my usage’ bit of your bulb account? I’ve kind of refreshed things to make sure they’re all visible to you, and also sent you a new version of your past bills showing the reads so that you have them all down on paper, so to speak

Now I can finally see them again, let’s hope it lasts