Where do I enter a meter reading?

I received an email to give my first meter reading but this whole site looks like a forum? Where do I enter my meter reading?


Same, can’t see anything other than this forum, I am utterly frustrated with bulb already, they don’t even reply to emails so far a load of crap!!!

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I have the same problem, I have been asked to submit my first meter reading, but cannot find a place to do so. Just get taken to the community page!

Admin reset my password and seems to of sorted It out bit clearly with all people suffering from the same problem and lack of replies from bulb I think is why I’m going to leave them even though I just joined, their customer service is abysmall!!

@William_at_Bulb @Eleanor_at_Bulb Isn’t it about time that the entire dev team was set to work on a hotfix for this problem given it’s been going on for 2+ years now and seems to be getting worse.