Where do I enter my first meter reading

I have been asked for my first meter reading, and there is nothing for me to fill in when I sign in. I also do not have a smart meter.

Hey @peterj_nicholls

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I am sorry you have had some issues with the readings.

Upon checking the account I can see there is now a submit read button.

This could be down to being a bit early to submit the first read, you should be able to do this now.


Hi - sorry to hijack this a bit but how did you get this resolved? I also have no obvious place to submit a meter reading

I sent them a direct email with the readings

Hey @Giles85

In your Bulb Account you’ll be able to see the ‘Submit Meter Reading’ box for the property you are needing to- try this link: Bulb account :relaxed:

With properties that are switching over the ‘Submit Reading’ button doesn’t appear until a few days around the switch completing as that’s when we’d need the first read.