Where do your future usage projections come from?

I’m sorry but this latest price rise is beyond the pail. It states my energy cost will be £23.17 more each month!

My May bill was £88, June £67 and July £71 - and yet it projects my August usage as £186. I only joined Bulb last November and assumed the astronomical projections were based on my predecessors use - but even the December projection for this year is ridiculous at £235, whereas I have not paid more than £107 a month since joining.

My current DD is £100 a month and I am £158 in credit. As this is more than 150% of my normal DD I tried to reduce it to £95 - but I am advised that I should be paying £260.12 based on usage and the minimum it will let me change it to is £234.11. This is absolutely crazy. Please explain urgently where these projections come from. As far as I can see it is just a cynical attempt to get my account massively in surplus!


Just switch. The more customers they lose the quicker they realise.


Make them up as they muddle along.

Hi @DavidSian, thanks for posting this important question.

Our projections are based upon previous meter readings, which provide us with estimated annual consumption figures. We then use monthly usage coefficients, which reflect the fluctuations in usage based upon the time of year (higher in Winter, lower in Summer). While it is a little more complicated than this, this is the basis of the way it is calculated.

Having said this, I have looked at your projected consumption on your account, and I do believe something may be awry about this. So I can discuss this properly with you, I’m going to drop you an email shortly.

I’m in a similar boat, will take my currently monthly payment up to £190 with a £15 per month increase. And £306 in credit.

I’m already a high user, so it was a big shock such a big jump only 2p a unit, but it you use 12000 per year That’s 240 extra

£180 a year uplift doesn’t seem justifiable, if it works out at that.

Hi @NevG, looking at your account, I can see that we’ve informed you that your tariff will be changing, as it is for all our members, but your monthly payment amount doesn’t appear to be increasing, due to your credit and payment amount comfortably covering you into the higher-consumption months.

Which means in plain terms i have been overpaying ?

There is cheaper prices out there currently so hopefully you won’t lose too much custom, I’ve been happy up until now.

But I will be shopping around.

@NevG, this is absolutely understandable. I’m not able to see what your suggested payment amount was previously, so there is a chance that your payment amount was previously higher than it needed to be, but what I can say is that your payment amount doesn’t need to change at this time.

Well I can tell you Lou, it still recommends £175 as it has done fir a while

Another unhappy customer, according to my latest 3rd of September statement, my prediction for the next 12 months is:

Over the next 12 months, we have estimated yourpersonal projection:

Electricity personal projection:£ 259

Gas personal projection:£ 353

This projection includes your energy usage, standingcharges and VAT

Im £137.87 in credit, I give meter readings every month without fail (I have a dedicated notebook for that), I pay £50 / month through DD and I dont understand why I got an email saying that:

We’ll increase your payments to £91.83 each month

After Ive sumbmitted todays meter reading (it`s not due until 31.09), I have this message:

We’re recalculating your monthly payments

If your payments will change, we’ll email you to let you know.

I`m letting you know that I will switch if you dare increase my payments.

Staff at Bulb can clearly see Im always keeping an eye on my account, submit meter readings in time, I have a healthy credit, even once I topped up because Ive changed the payment date and you didnt took the DD that month wich I didnt knew you won`t.

Bottom line is I will not pay more if I don`t use more and this demanding email I got and the messages from my account make me furious.

Get your act together Bulb!

Uswitch and MoneySuperMarket gave me a £632 annual projections wich is correct, considering I am using 10.000 kwh gas and 1200 kwh electricity in one year, rounded up.

Why is my DD doubled, God knows…

Have a look:

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Hi @Doinita, thanks for getting in touch - I’m going to look into this and get back to you via email later today :+1:

I got an email from Lou saying that they don t need to increase my DD as £50 per month plus my £137 credit is enough, by next 3rd Oct bill I ll be over £160 in credit so that should cover at least 4 months of winter, on top of my DD.

I m staying put for now, no one stops me from switching in the future if I ll have to.