Where does Bulb get its energy from?

Every unit of renewable electricity comes with a green certificate approved by Ofgem, and we only buy electricity with these certificates at Bulb. We regularly publish our fuel mix so you can keep up with how we’re buying our energy.

Where does Bulb get its electricity from?

We have teamed up with run of river hydro plants around the country like Tyn Y Cornel Hydro, in North Wales. You should Google it, it’s really pretty. We’re also setting up agreements with other independent renewable electricity generators to make sure that we always have enough clean energy. We’ll partner with sources of wind, solar, hydro, and biomass to make sure that Bulb members get all the energy they need.

And what about gas?

We currently get 10% of our gas from renewable sources. That’s about 100 times more than the rest of the UK. We’re really excited to be supporting the green gas industry is in it’s infancy. Our green gas, also known as biomethane, is generated by anaerobically digesting slurry waste from pig farms in Oxfordshire.

What happens if the wind doesn’t blow?

There will be times during the day when we generate too much renewable electricity (such as when it is windy), and other times when we have too little. If we have an excess, we sell this back in the wholesale market. Likewise, when we need more we will have to buy the additional electricity we need from the wholesale market. We make sure that all of the energy we buy, including wholesale, comes with a 100% renewable certificate.

Smarter technology for the future

We will be investing in batteries and other electricity storage techniques going forward. We strongly believe that storing electricity from renewables, and then releasing it at times when it isn’t windy, sunny or rainy is a key part of the low-carbon future. We’ll keep members in the loop with how this is going, and if you have any great ideas to improving then let us know in the community.

Hello! Who owns the facilities that you use for power generation? Are you like Ecotricity whereby you own the means of generation? And with Bulb, is the money that we pay as bills invested in creating more capacity for wind/solar/hydro etc?


Hi @marksweeney

Thanks for your message.

Bulb do not own our power generation facilities, we purchase your energy supply from renewable generation sites.

The money you pay in bills increases the demand for renewable energy which in turn incentivises the energy generators to invest in further supply capacity.


what percentage of your electricity comes directly from renewable generation sites that you have contracts with and what percentage comes from the wholesale market?

We are thinking about changing to Bulb but we want to know if you are doing this - Green Tariffs and REGOs | About REGO Scheme | Good Energy

@MikeMc it’s all regos.

Some good discussion here: