Where has the 'top up' feature gone from the app?


I cannot seem to find the ‘top up’ feature on the mobile app anymore, and can only do this using the website.

I keep a lower monthly payment than what Bulb recommends/forces, and top up the difference during winter, as throughout summer the minimum monthly is far too high as I already run up plenty of credit throughout summer.

Am I missing something?

Go to account page, click on payments and statments

click on “top up”

Hi @timr11!

@izzyhunt is correct that you should still be able top up via your online account, however I appreciate it can be more convenient to do this through the app.

I’m going to flag this with our team to find out why this option is no longer available through the app. Could you reply to my private message with a screenshot of what you see on the app where you would usually go to top up?