Where have previous months' graphics gone?

Since bulb changed things like email links to sign in, all my previous months’ consumption graphics have gorn. Can I have them back? The list is still there, just not the bars.

Hi Will, we’ve just had a look at your Bulb account and can see your consumption graphics. Hopefully the next time you look you’ll be able to see them too! In the meantime, we’ve emailed you a picture of your consumption graphics.

Can you let us know which internet browser you’re using? This will help us ensure this doesn’t affect you or other members in the future.

Safari on a Mac. Yes, a few more bars have appeared dating back to April 17, but it’s not as it was. It’s not hugely important, but it’s a handy way of visualising consumption. As an aside, it would be great if the bars could be made thinner so one had one’s complete history stretching back in time to year zero.

Hey @willmow , good feedback. I’ve passed this on the tech guys who can take into consideration when reviewing our UX :slight_smile:

I think there’s better ways of showing or comparing the year on year change than just a full graph going back. Could overlay year on year on top of each other with a line for each year.

@shaun8818 Yes, that certainly sounds like a more useful way of comparing how you are doing compared to previous years. At the moment it is not something that we are coming across as most of our members have not been here a year, so nice idea!