Where is my account

, can’t find it just come to this community when loged in


Hi @Mark_Raynor,

This should be fixed for you now - I’ve sent you a DM with next steps.

I have had the same problem for days trying to send my first meter reading but when I sign in always end up in community with no dashboard for meter readings. I have sent emails which included the meter readings but Bulb keep asking me to supply my meter readings. I tried to webchat but the system said it was not available. Tried to call but was call queued. I came to Bulb partly because of apparent good customer service but I have yet to receive any.

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You are not the only one. I keep trying and get sent back here, even tried the link from SamEnergy and ended up back here, I did manage yesterday to get to the correct site after trying for a while only to be informed the site is down for maintenance and it would be back as soon as possible.

I am having the same issue and urgently need to get into my bulb account, can I please get some assistance

@Cypress @dwshillibeer @Emlyn I’ve sent you each a DM so we can get this sorted for you.