Where is my final bill?


I moved from Bulb in February, but am yet to receive my final bill.

You haven’t taken any payments for a couple of months, but I’d still like to know what my final bill is, please.

Also, there appears to be a discrepancy over my final meter reading as my new supplier thought it was much higher than it actually was. I messaged them about this at least 2 weeks ago, they said they would discuss with you.

Haven’t heard from either of you in this respect.

Please advise.
Many thanks

Hi @turts99 Welcome to the Bulb Community.

I can see we’ve received an estimated final gas read which would have led to a really high final statement, which is why that hasn’t been sent out to you.

We’ve not received a dispute request yet to change the reading. You may need to give your new supplier a nudge to send this dispute through to us


I raised this with them on the 23rd April, my final meter reading was 76640.

I have chased them too, but they haven’t come back to me. Before I chase them again, can you double check you haven’t received anything since the 23rd, please?

@turts99 I’ve just checked and I’m afraid we haven’t received anything since 12/03/20 which was the reading of 82812. If they raise a dispute to correct this, we’ll accept the dispute then issue your final bill. Sorry you’ve had some hassle with this.

They are now telling me they have raised a dispute.

Hopefully it’ll be on your system?

Hi @turts99

I’m delighted to say we have received their dispute, and I’ve accepted it now. We’re going to reversion your final bill with us using the actual reading provided, and you’ll receive it within 24 hours.

Thanks for your patience with this one, I can confirm it is now resolved :+1: