Where is my Gas account so I can top up

I recently moved to a house with Smart Pay As You Go Electric and Gas meters, I switched provider to Bulb for both the gas and electric, got my top up cards, but only the Electricity account is showing on my app, online account and the in home display device, so I’m unable to top up the gas or see what credit there is. I’ve not had a Smart meter before or pre payment so wonder does it take longer to switch over the gas account or is there something I need to do to activate gas (didn’t need to do anything with Electric)? Don’t want to run out of credit in the meantime.

Hi @CharJ,

Sorry for the delayed response. I see we’re changing the mode of your meters on your account so it seems like you’ve got through to someone since this post. But if you still need anything, please give us a call on 0300 303 0635 or pop me a reply here.