Where is my statement?

Morning, can`t see my 3rd of September statement in my account, this would be a first :slight_smile:

The Direct Debit went through though.

Hopefully, a member of staff can sort it out, thank you.

Morning @Doinita,

You are right! Sorry your statement hasn’t come through yet, there was in an issue with 2 readings that were submitted this month on the same date. I have now removed these and i’m working to get you a new statement as soon as possible.

Yes - your DD has been taken and your account is in credit. The next statement will be taken from this balance.

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Daisy, thank you for your prompt reply.

As you can see I always submit my readings on the last day of the month, 3 days before my statement and DD kicks in.

I`ve submitted an extra reading in August as the reminder to increased my payments jumped to £105 and I think my DD of £67 and my £155 credit as of 1st of September is more than enough.

I have noticed the 2 same days readings but it wasn`t me :slight_smile:

I`m looking forward to seeing my statement and also maybe see that suggestion to increase my DD going down as well :slight_smile:

Thanks again, D.

PS. My account is always in credit, if it`s not, I always top up (happened twice :slight_smile:

Hey @Doinita

I’ve taken another look into your account and the reason for the delay is actually us starting to update the settings on your first generation smart meter to be able to connect it to the network. We had to update some technical details our side (hence the two readings) so this caused a delay- sorry about that! I’ve now had that sent out to you :relaxed:

We can look into lowering the payments for you if you like or sending back a bit of a refund if the accounts in good credit as well? If you’d like us to do that just let me know :sunflower:

– H :bulb:

Hi Holly, Ive been with Bulb for more than 3 years, I no longer have the smart meter I had from NPower, its been bined …

And since reading about all sorts of issues with smart meters and Bulb, I no longer want one, until the issues are sorted.

Im happy to send pictures of my gas and electricity every month if needed but dont want a smart meter for now.

Also, I don`t need a refund, thank you for offering, the £67 DD can stay as it is :slight_smile:

I can see the new statement now, it`s much better, thank you :slight_smile:

Opening balance £ 222.84 in credit
Cost of your energy this month
Electricity - £ 19.54
Gas - £ 24.61
Subtotal - £ 44.15
Your new account balance £ 178.69 in credit

Thanks again for your prompt replies, have a nice evening :slight_smile:

Hey @Doinita

A smart meter refers to your physical meters on the wall- I think you’re referring to an In Home Display which is a bit different. The meters you have are smart meters they’re just the first generation ones so we haven’t connected to them yet as they used to only be ‘smart’ with the supplier that installed them, but this is something all suppliers are in the process of doing.

No problem at all, let us know if you need anything else :relaxed:

– H :bulb:

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I have had the same problem re statement for August. I emailed but have not had a reply. Perhaps this is the same problem, would you mind to look into it and send a statement if possible

Thank you, yes I was mistaken, didn`t knew my wall meters are smart :))

Thanks again, all sorted for now :slight_smile:

Hi @figgsimon :wave:

Welcome to Bulb Community!

I’m looking into the billing error on the account and have sent you an email to follow up. Let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,
Cara :bulb:

I also have not received my billing statement for 2 months. My latest bill was up to 17 June 2021. Could a staff at Team Bulb please help me with this?
Thank you.

I’m another one who hasn’t received a statement for 02/09/2021. I’ve also spotted that all of my historic (and more recent) electricity readings have disappeared from my online account and the app. I’ve just submitted yet another electric reading… My gas readings are all still there, very odd.

I did email Bulb about this on 04/09 but haven’t received any response yet. I’d like the latest statement to reflect my 31/08 EOM reading as usual, I have a note of that (nerdy spreadsheet) if someone from Bulb could please get in touch about this issue.

ETA: I still get an email notification when I submit an electric reading but the readings never seem to make it as far as my account :frowning:

Hi @CarolynG - welcome back to Community :wave:

So it looks like there’s been some confusion on your account and your electricity has been changed to pay as you go - I’m sorry about this!

We can get it all corrected for you though that’s not a problem, could you just confirm what the latest reading is? This is where that spreadsheet will definitely come in handy :laughing:

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Meg,

Thanks for getting back to me, how peculiar that that’s happened!!

The reading as at 31/08 was 16768.

Reading yesterday 12/09 was 16843.

Many thanks,

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks so much for sending those through. I have now added both of those readings to your Bulb account readings. These are currently processing and you will be able to see them in your account very soon.

Once these have been processed, we will work on getting your statements sorted and your account balance back up to date.

Sorry again for the confusion. Thank goodness for the spreadsheet!

–Daisy :bulb:


I have posted and reached out for help 6 days ago, but haven’t yet received a reply.

I also have not received my billing statement for 2 months. My latest bill was up to 17 June 2021. Could Team Bulb please help me with this and sort out my billing statements?

Thank you.

Hey @limsj - sorry looks like we missed it above!

I think this might be something to do with switching over to the EV tariff- I’m getting some advice from @EdB_at_Bulb to see whether this is the case and then we’ll get it out to you asap :blush:

Hi I too am experiencing “no Statements available yet” and no history although been signed up with Bulb for years! Any clarification would be welcome, please.

Hi @SMS :wave:

Welcome to Bulb Community!

I’m just working on a failed statement on your account and will send through a consolidated statement, within the next 48 hours.

Sorry for the delay with this. I understand it’s hard to manage your usage without the statements.

Cara :bulb:


I usually get my statement on the 9th of the month but this month I didn’t. My Direct Debit went out as normal on the 10th but I still haven’t got my statement?


Hi @mr.clarke,

I’m sorry for the confusion, you have now received a ‘consolidated statement’. That means it covers more than 1 month, and is based on new information. This statement runs from 09/01/21 - 08/09/21.

As you have a new starting electricity reading. This consolidated statement is accurate and covers up to your latest monthly payment date.

You’ll see that we added the credit you paid for your previous statement back to your Bulb account. Then we recalculated your usage based on the new information we received, and took a new payment. This is to make sure you haven’t paid for the same energy twice.

You can check out the readings that we’ve used to calculate this statement in the ‘Energy Use in Detail’ section. And you can always view your historical usage in your Bulb account.

Let me know if you have any q’s

– Daisy :bulb: