Where is my statement?

Following my enquiry, I am still awaiting a consolidated statement of my account as there is a considerable credit which will be added to at the start of October. Thank you
S M Savory

Hi @SMS :wave:

The main billing failure has been fixed, but having checked the account again, there is another. To explain briefly, this is related to the daily calorific value for the gas. For now there isn’t another manual fix I can run, but the system will automatically process this with in the next 1-2 weeks.

I’m really sorry for the delay with your statements.

Cara :sunny:

Hi Bulb,

Please see previous emails below. Even after my readings were reinstated I still didn’t receive a statement during September.

I’d have expected to have received an email reminder for readings by now as my statement is due on 2nd monthly (or at least it was before someone set my account to PAYG!), but I’ve received nothing which makes me think my statements still aren’t working.

Can you please ensure my monthly statement date has been reinstated and that I’ll receive a statement on 2nd Oct and then every 2nd of the month going forward as it used to be?

Please confirm asap.

Many thanks,
Carolyn Gethin

Hi @CarolynG :wave:

There is a billing error on your account, which I am currently fixing. I’ll be able to advise further on your questions once sorted.

Sorry for the delay.

Cara :sunny:

Oops didn’t realise I was replying on a public forum :relaxed:

Any update on my account yet please, I’m intending to submit readings this evening.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @holly_at_bulb, I’m still waiting on my Aug and Sept bill statements since 17 Jun 2021… I’m just wondering if there has been any updates from @EdB_at_Bulb yet? Thanks!

*I am becoming somewhat impatient with the lack of real time Statements and any resolution to my complaints … how many problems can there be?
**My suspicion is that by the time my statements for JULY AUGUST and SEPTEMBER are issued, the calculations will have been completed at the new October 21 higher rates rather than the previous lower rates.
***My alert is advising me to increase my monthly DD by 20% when my account is currently just accumulating Credit.
****Cara and LIVECHAT just keep apologising and promising clarification within days with no results😠

I used to get my monthly statement on the 2nd of each month before someone screwed up my account in August.

Today is the 2nd and no statement for the second month in a row.

Plus you’re now requesting I top up my account despite it showing £400+ in credit. I’ve only used around £120 for August and September. That still leaves £280 for October, so top up? I think not.

Please hurry up and fix my account so I receive a statement this week, and give whoever broke it a kick up the backside on my behalf.

“My suspicion is that by the time my statements for JULY AUGUST and SEPTEMBER are issued, the calculations will have been completed at the new October 21 higher rates rather than the previous lower rates.”

They had better b****y well not be calculated at the new rates or we’ll all be straight on to Ofgem.

I submitted readings on the 30th September so I know what my charges should be on the old rates (give or take, allowing for a variation in the CV for the gas).

i also have not had a statement since july, and am concerned that when i do receive the missing statements they will be charged at the current higher tarriff.

I also haven’t received a statement for September. I joined Bulb on 2 August 2021, and received my first statement on 2 September for the period 2 August-1 September. I expected to have received another statement by now. I have a smart meter, which sends readings every 30 minutes, and have also provided manual meter readings. I’ve tried online chat several times but am just told that there’s no-one available and to try again later.

Hi @cara_at_bulb Where is it🤷🏼‍♀️

Hi all, just to confirm and reiterate - if you receive a consolidated or delayed statement, we will always make sure that each time period is billed at the correct tariff. For example, if a monthly statement is issued which straddles a price change date, any standing charge or usage billed before the date of the price change will be at the previous rate. This is correct even if you receive a consolidated statement over many months to fix a prior billing issue, or update your past readings.

@CarolynG I can see that you have been issued a consolidated statement to make sure your account has been billed correctly and you should have monthly statements going forward without issue.

@Michael1 If your payment date changes you may receive a longer or shorter bill to make sure that we are billing up to your payment date, which would explain this delay.

@Dons1 I can see that unfortunately there has been a billing issue on your account, my colleague has sent you an email and will be handling this.

@SMS I’m sorry you haven’t received an update yet. The billing error on your account is quite complex and the operations team are working on it but I can’t make a promise as to when it will be fixed. I’ll send you an email so that you can contact us on there and try to get you an update.

Hmmm, billing issues starting up again?

I also haven’t received my statement for September :frowning:

@miriam_at_bulb Thank you for this update, I can confirm that all is resolved in my account (and at correct rates! :slight_smile: ), as long as monthly statements get generated. Hopefully it won’t get messed up again. Thanks to all at Bulb for getting it sorted eventually.


I have posted here numerous times before starting from ONE month ago, but nobody has actually followed up with my case and provide something concrete.

Please, can someone please check why I haven’t been receiving my monthly statement since the 17 June 2021? Where are my statements for July, August and September? It will be a week until 17th Oct, and that will be 4 missing bill statements this year.

I have waited for a full month for someone at Bulb to sort this out but nobody has actually come back to me with a concrete explanation that isn’t a theoretical postulation. This is getting unacceptable.

I am expecting a reply with my bill statement over the last 4 months sorted out.

Having just switched from this bunch of “Dick Turpins”. I’m still waiting for my final bill. It states on my account web page that the final bill would be with my by 7th October and I’m still waiting, but here’s the real kick in the teeth my account is showing that I’m over £700 in credit. I haven’t cancelled the DD as they “require this to be still active to receive your refund” well at this rate I’ll still be paying for gas and electricity that is be supplied by another suppiler. So BULB get it sorted and stop robbing the people.

Thank you, @miriam_at_bulb at last a response with ‘promise’. I look forward to receiving the up to date account status in the not too distant future, please.

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Hi @yasinkp9091 :wave:

I have taken a look at the billing on your account and it is all up to date. Your last statement was issued on the 7th and should continue like this.

– KT :bulb:

  1. Thank you @miriam_at_bulb …I have now received a ‘consolidated’ statement 05June-04 October - a £1,698 charge for what amounts to a (SUMMER quarter) dual fuel USAGE! Even with tariff hikes there is no way I would have used £400 of dual energy/month during this SUMMER period with no heating since May and is in no way reflective of my usage compared with previous years! Having diligently recorded and submitted meter readings, it would be helpful to have this reviewed urgently, please🤨