Where is the 50 reward it's been a week

So I’ve had any email saying here is your 50 reward and I can’t find it anywhere… I’m on a prepayment meter. I’ve topped up four days ago and nothing!!! What is going on?

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Unfortunately like with most things from Bulb, words and actions rarely coincide. The last time I was compensated for a long delay in answering an email it eventually arrived on the next months statement. I’m currently waiting for another late reply refund right now.

As annoying as it often is patience is required when dealing with Bulb.

i was at bulbs head office this morning i was refused to speak to anyone at all over my issues they are a disgrace

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Sorry to hear that. Don’t give up. :+1:

I would think Bulb are totally in their right to refuse your request to speak to any of their staff. Perhaps they were concerned about T&Cs 16.3?

If you have an issue with Bulb and it has not been answered to your satisfaction then why not go through the complaints process and eventually the Energy Ombudsman.

Without checking I think I gave you a link some weeks ago to the complaints process, have you followed this up?

From previous posts I get the impression your issue centres about not getting your money for referrals?

That’s an extremely impolite comment in reply to a post in which I was trying to assist you? I can see now why Bulb refused your request?