Where is the fanciest place

Looks like everyone thinks the grass is greener!

Most people will pick there as the grass is always greener on the other side after all

I decided to go for ‘there’, although it’s quite sunny now and getting rather warm, I’d much rather be in Australia right now. Bring on the beaches and cool beers!

Paging @jon the resident Australian

Isn’t it just after Christmas in Oz at the moment?

I only just moved “here” so totally voting for here.

@Mitchell have you been to Australia before? Where abouts are you heading?

@Jon thats the spirit

I would say my profile pic

I like it here. I don’t like other places. I get lost

Yeah, here is the best.

Hmm, I’ll vote later once I’ve had a good poke around here.!

Wow, lots of familiar faces here though?! @wolfieboy @pinkcalculator @Will

Hey Charlie. It’s very quiet here.

Ahoy :slight_smile: Welcome @gindygoo

Ive been out shopping @gindygoo and @wolfieboy but Im back now

I was there but Im here now

Voted “there” for now, until this place is fancied up.!! Get on it @Will ;D

Voted "there" for now, until this place is fancied up.!! Get on it @Will ;D

Yes Maam. I’m on it! Actually we have devs crawling over our staging server right now making it prettier and more Bulby.

What sort of things would you like to see to make it fancier?

Here is nicer design @Will :slight_smile:

Just need somthing Bulby on the main community page on mobile, looks a little bars with just 3 links. Otherwise its slick here.

I’ve just been prompted to change my password, what did I find when I got here? Uhuh Mr. Fancy Pants! Lol nice makeover @Will :smiley:

Glad you like it :slight_smile: Its been a while coming!