Where is your Meter

I recently reached out to bulb about my IHD not working (had it nearly a year and it only ever shows the tutorial). After lots of back and forth, they have said its because of meter location.

My meters are on the floor, less than 5 meters apart, with a single wall between them. I also have small cupboard in the way of the electric box so the toddler doesnt touch it. Because of this apparently my IHD wont work and Bulb cant connect to my meters (calling BS here).

So where are your meters? are they both in direct line of sight with no coverings? Ideally i would like to hear from those that have IHDs that work.


Keep pestering Bulb

I did and eventually @Noah_at_Bulb arranged a one hour slot where they reactivated my IHD via its unique GUID number and I rebooted the IHD in order to reconnect the IHD to my Bulb account and the meters

Connected to their network within 2 minutes and has worked flawlessly ever since

Took 14 months of ‘suggestions’ from Bulb (none of which worked) but… It’s working now after this coordinated re-synching


Hi @stowgary I’m sorry to hear we’ve not yet been able to connect your meters to the smart network. This is the reason for your IHD not showing any usage data, so is a slightly different problem to the one @shaun5948 mentioned below.

We should be able to remotely connect your meters to the smart network at some point, if you have any more questions on this for now, please could you reply to your email from Curtis?


Hi Matthew,

I have responded to curtis’ multiple emails :slight_smile:

It was actually his email regarding meter locations which prompted this question; In all the homes i have owned and lived in, I have never had meters as close and in as much open space (despite being made inaccessible by children’s toy and a cupboard to stop a toddler touching) as mine currently are. His comment (which he had been informed) was that there are too many blockages preventing the meters from working.

Hence why i wanted to know where everyone else’s meter was.

I was keen to understand what the general set up of a house with a working meter was when compared to those without one.

Can i confirm with yourself then;

  • IHDs only work if Bulb can connect to the wall meters?
  • Bulb needs to be able to connect with both meters in order for it to work?
  • The IHD doesn’t directly connect to the meter to pull readings?
  • IHD is a direct connection to Bulb for the latest readings?

I know you wanted bulb to answer this but thought I’d chime in.

Bulb needs to be able to connect with both meters in order for it to work?

No, bulb only needs the coms hub (the thing on top of your electricity meter) to be working and one of the meters (usual electricity always works) for the IHD to receive data.

The IHD doesn’t directly connect to the meter to pull readings?

No, the IHD connects to the coms hub to get data, using the HAN (Home area network).

IHD is a direct connection to Bulb for the latest readings?

No, Bulb pulls data from the coms hub, which is connected to your 2 meters. bulb does not read the data from the IHD at all, the only way to get data off the IHD is by using Samsung smart things.

there’s a great little explanation of there smart meters on the ovo forums here

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Hi izzy,

Thanks for chiming in, but yes i do need Bulb to answer this directly (even though i know the answers). Its only by answering these questions I can follow up with proper process, and expand to:

  • If i do not need my wall meters to be connected to bulb and the IHD pulls data from the meter, Why is my IHD still in tutorial mode almost a year later and not connected to the meters? perhaps the first issue for bulb would be to resolve this problem and get all hardware working and communicating.

  • If it is due to my house not being covered by the network, why did you install the meter in the first place? why not work out the homes covered and reduce wasted man hours/spend on installing hardware which is unusable (ps based on an answer i have received from bulb in that my home is not covered)



The IHD is merely a visual display which receives it’s data ONLY when connected to your meters AND is connected to your Bulb account via its unique GUID

The IHD doesn’t stop your meters reporting your readings to Bulb nor affect their abilities or useage in any way

It’s purely a visual aid to give the customer extra info of their energy useage

For Samsung Smartthings users the IHD requires to be connected to the meters/Bulb account and won’t work even if you connect it to your home WiFi. It MUST be activated against your account/meters/the cellular network it uses


it’s more of a thing where bulb seem to be in the wrong, so he wants answers from them.

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You’ll get a reply from Bulb, they’re just a lot slower at the weekend

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Hi @stowgary

It’s a slightly strange issue to have had if your meters are in such close proximity. We may need to investigate this further. In answer to your four questions.

  1. The meters themselves will need to be connected to the smart network for the IHD to work (display usage data)

  2. If one meter is connected to the smart network then the usage data for that meter should show on the IHD, if the Comms Hub has also been connected.

  3. This is correct, the IHD connects via the Comms Hub, which is located on top of your electricity meter.

  4. We receive readings from connected smart meters via the smart network and these are then added to your account to inform your billing. The IHD pulls usage data from the meter via the Comms hub and would work with another supplier, so isn’t a direct connection to Bulb as such. I’m not 100% clear on what you mean by this question, so let me know if this doesn’t answer it and I’ll give it another go!

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Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your response.

  1. with your answer to question one, would you not know which homes could/would be connectable before sending an engineer out to do the work? else you are wasting many hours/money. (if not please see the responses i have received stating my home is not covered).

  2. how do i get get the comms hub connected?

  3. cool

  4. the point was can i not get the readings on the IHD and manually enter them, or will the Ihd have to be connected to bulb for it to work at all.

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