Where's all the great customer service I've read about?

I moved to Bulb over 12 months ago based on all the fantastic reviews I had read – despiter there being cheaper options I chose bulb because customer service is also important to mr. On Monday, for the first time, I tried to contact customer service – initially by phone. The recorded message told me my call would be answered in three minutes, 20 minutes later after a recorded message repeatedly apologising for the delay my call is cutt off. I then tried the chat function and after attempting that for 10 minutes, I gave up. I then tried emailing – no luck there and still waiting fir a response. Finally I tried phoning again and after 10 minutes of it ringing out I gave up.

I’m not impressed, my first attempt at contacting customer services and almost a week later no response from them so this being the main reason I moved to Bulb I’m bewildered at why they receive such great reviews and how an earth I’m supposed to contact them.

Is it time too move on - has Bulb got too many customers and can no longer cope?

I did ask in a separate thread about a week ago if Bulb could supply their targets for time to answer (including telephone, email and chat) and what are their actual response times. I haven’t yet had a response to that query.

I’m guessing their service performance has deteriorated due to the saga with the problems on smart roll-out.

I’m lucky that other than a simple query which was answered quite quickly I have had no need to contact Bulb during my 14-15 months with them.