Where's my smart meter ? / Customer service

Why are Bulb ignoring my emails ? About a year ago, I was notified of my smart meter installation snd sure enough the engineer attended. However, he wasnt able to complete the installation. Since then, I’ve been trying to chase up Bulb via the Smart@bulb email address (several times) and most recently via a complaint to the Complaints@bulb email address. Zero response from either.

Unfortunately if you look at a multitude of other threads on this forum you will find that customers service has deteriorated compared to what it was some time ago. Bulb have grown quite fast with regards to number of customers and they haven’t kept up with this increase as to customer service.

Having said that I have had no issues with Bulb in my 20 or so months with them.

Similar issue.

Was due to get a Smart Meter, booked installation, installer rang at 5:30 to say he was stuck on a job and wouldn’t be able to get there til later on. Couldn’t do with up to 2 hours in december sat in the dark so had to tell him not to bother.

Contacted Bulb, they sent me a load of pre-saved stuff about a commissioning error and how theres a problem with my gas and electricity supply and that they were looking into it, even though its Electric only supply and a non-smart meter.

Explained this to which they said I could book another appointment in and finally gave me £30 “compo” for the trouble. Means I now have to take another day off work for someone to come and see if they can fit one in the cupboard who might actually turn up.

Changing suppliers.

In fairness to Bulb, the jobs can take longer than expected. My installation took 4 hours because of defects spotted in previous installations and age of the property. Luckily my install was pencilled in for 8.30am.