Which model of Smart Meter being used?

Had a smart meter install booked 1 or 2 years ago (Pandemic has ruined memory of time!). Finally had the engineer come around, and can’t fit the electric meter component, as my existing one is in a small gap between the downstairs neighbour’s unit and some other electrical bits in the cupboard.

Think he was trying to install a Siemens model, and since then I’ve thought I just need to wait until Bulb change to a newer/slimmer model, or eventually I switch providers to one that does have a smaller model.

Does anyone know what model(s) Bulb is installing now and/or what others are being used out there in the market? Somehow, I found it pretty hard to nail down this info in some updated Googling today…

Siemens are the installation company not the meter manufacturer, if memory serves me correctly bulb usually install Landis & Gyr meters

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So @mojo has done a great job at answering your question, so thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face:

The meters will be installed by Siemens and they’ll install SMETS2 Landis & Gyr meters. However, if your gas meter is in a sloped brown lid, then they’ll be installed by MDS instead.

You’ll also need a bit of space above your electricity meter to have to communications hub installed.

Does this clear things up?

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