Which solar panels to buy?

I’m undertaking an “energy refurbishment project” (that’s what the architects said on the planning application) of our home. It’s the usual insulation, 3X glazing, etc, and also includes getting PV panels on the roof so that I can pay bulb less (sorry bulb!).

I’ve been given a list of panel options (Perlight 250W, LG Solar 285W, Bisol 285W, Sunpower 327W) but what’s a good criteria for comparing them. I know their price, their output, their warranty period.

If anyone has bought pv panels recently, do you have a spreadsheet that I can update?


Would this help at all: Solar Compare Tool

Thanks for the comparison tool, @lee637.

That sounds so exciting, @samin! Hope all the work goes well. We’re totally down for you to be using less energy - that’s the aim of the game.

And thanks for passing on the link, @lee637. It’s cool for us to have a look at too.

This was my summary after looking at @lee637’s link and http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/tools-calculators/solar-energy-calculator. W/m^2 is the number to look at.

I imagine you are well into your project by now and good luck. I am about to start on the conversion of an indoor swimming pool to 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a study and a small sitting room. I am going to install pv panels on the roof as part of the project. I contacted a potential supplier for information and received an absolute barrage of texts, emails and telephone calls from anyone and everyone remotely involved in that area. All of them wanting to get ‘on site’. Would you be able to supply me with a straightforward resumee of what your research has told you and what direction you have decided on. I have the roof facing in the correct direction, the bungalow is 16 rooms (when I’ve finished) and there are just the two of us living here. We bought the property with all this in mind 7 months ago and see it as adding value for our children who will inherit. Thanks