Who do i call to move my meter?

My smart meter, main fuse and consumer unit are in a bit of an annoying place at the moment
There in the corner of my kitchen, meaning I can’t put anything there, and it’s really annoying. after this pandemic is over, we’re planning to have the kitchen redone. For the consumer unit, id just ask and electrician to move that, right? However, who do I ask to move the meter and main fuse? do I just get bulbs permission to move it? I would want it moved Very close to where it is now (less than 1 meter)

Hi @izzyhunt,

If it less than 1 meter we can organise the meter move. This is done by our engineers at Siemens and will cost £120. We can book this in for you when the situation with coronavirus changes and we’re able to book in non-emergency jobs again.

Also, we only handle the meter so the consumer unit and everything else would have to be a private electrician.

For meter moves over 1m it has to be booked in through your network operator and this can be much more expensive.

The main fuse is owned by the district network operator (dno) and they are the only ones allowed to move it. Unfortunately it will cost a lot of money to have it moved

@Smart_fitter That’s right :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for sharing this!

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Luckily they moved it for me for free, when we had to have our powerline replaced. Saved us the huge fee you were talking about!

Happy days! I’m not sure exactly how much it would have cost but I do know it can be a 4 figure number…