Who Here Would be Willing to Help Bulb Survive if it Came to it?

Any other loyal, happy Bulb members/customers who like the ethos, values and customer experience enough to club together to help Bulb out if it comes to it?

We need GREEN, customer focused, “keepin’ it simple” energy companies. In my experience, Bulb has consistently delivered on being environmentally conscious, great customer service (with accessible humans!), competitive prices and lighthearted comms.

In the scenario that Bulb needed help from its membership community to survive this perfect storm in the energy sector, I’d be willing to help it survive, in whatever way I can. Would anyone else here be willing to act as a community to step in? Be it crowd funding, donations, buying shares? I do not know what is legally allowable but I’m sure something could be done if there were willing and enough people to plug the gap.

Who says we have to allow a government policy to force our companies of choice into difficulties? If we can side step their policies somehow, shall we??? Where there’s a will there’s a way??

Gem x


Fantastic, @GemC :clap::clap::clap:
I was just coming to write something similar myself. There’s been a fair amount of agreement on this topic which is all now in the new About Bulb - Energy in the Media thread.

Maybe we could discuss options here and hopefully the team at Bulb could let us know if they believe any of our suggestions would be helpful.

  • Petition UK government to help Bulb rather than pay fossil fuel energy companies to take on Bulb customers or any other solutions that don’t involve supporting Bulb as it currently exists.

  • Contact our MPs to ask them to support the above petition.

  • Find high profile Bulb customers to raise profile of our campaign (eg some of those MPs).

  • Crowd fund to raise some of the money Bulb needs.

  • Donate directly to Bulb if possible.

  • Buy Bulb shares if possible.

  • Encourage customers not to withdraw their credit at present if they’re in a position to leave it with Bulb.

  • Ask Bulb to email all customers to let them know about whatever campaign(s) we launch.

Sorry if I’ve missed any. Reply will all other suggestions below and which of the above you’re in favour of.

Suggestions and support so far from @Joanne2711 @Beanbag @badw @Vote @cliff @contented @Bootsy2 @Lym82ond @sally.research cont. in thread…


Suggestions and support so far cont.
@Timbobo @durdledoor @bubba @mjlgirly @jforshawl20 @castleforge @lynn.grant1 @Anton59 @04wilsons @flibblesan

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Suggestions and support so far cont.
@JDunks @steve4 @ada484103ed7619eac44 @Suzanna @MaryOnToast @gwennie @petercain1947 @waltontowers2 @georgie.e.lyng @richard.evans.home60


@missykai Fantastic suggestions! You sound much more in the know than me! Any or all of these sound very on point. I think petitioning the government and local MPs should be included, whatever, as this is a wider societal implication thing as well as an immediate problem solving / customer choice thing.

If Bulb were able to help coordinate a plan that we could champion with/for them so we could know what we are legally allowed to do on their behalf that would be helpful. And/or if small teams of us could head up separate strands you mention above to organise those aspects I guess that would be the most efficient?

Is lobbying our MPs the quickest/simplest call to action? With a draft letter posted somewhere on social media for people to copy and paste?

Anyone here have prior experience with these kinds of things who can advise?


Why not, any suggestions will be better than none, after all we will be left to the mercy of the big six.
I read only today that this inept Government was warned two years ago about rising energy prices and the need to have sufficient gas storage, so we didn’t reach this type of scenario.
They obviously didn’t listen,do they ever?


I’m all for buying a few shares if it helps.


Last one :blush:
@yasinkp9091 @MaggieMags @kay.rollings

Had to wait til others replied to add these 3 :grin:

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Exactly. Just out of curiosity of “what if we got moved to a big 6 co.” I went onto all of their sites for quotes this afternoon and was seeing 50-75% increases on what my bills are with Bulb. And I’ve previously had not such great experiences with British Gas and SSE. So there are multiple reasons, from my personal p.o.v., to try and help if it’s possible. Take back a bit of people power, support an ethically minded company, let good service and values be the winner rather than might and avoid potential pain of bigger, less human companies using fossil fuels and nuclear! What’s to lose??? And possibly quite a bit to gain!


Absolutely can’t take credit for most of those suggestions, just compiled a list of what others suggested on the original thread :relaxed:

I’ve got a fair bit of experience with political campaigning, but am also signed off work just now with a major depressive episode, so am not at my most useful or reliable.

I like the idea of having teams for each bit of the campaign, and there are definitely several we can get started on without needing Bulb to get back to us, like government petition, contacting our MPs etc. And others we could start researching for ourselves like buying shares, crowd funding etc.


Bulb is now the 6th largest UK energy company, so you’d think that would stand them in good stead. But I suspect something’s behind all this media speculation, like wanting customers to withdraw their credit and leave Bulb to make them less viable. I’m naturally cynical, tho, and no fan of Westminster, so I’m sure others will have less condemning theories :grimacing::wink:


Interesting theory. It seems possible… :disappointed_relieved:


Has there been a major debate in Parliament yet? Surely there must be one soon, and I for one will be taking notes of what MPs say to spot those who are not in support of reducing the energy suppliers to the big 6.

Those who have rushed to get their credit balances back and switch suppliers are in for a very rude shock, I’m not very sorry to say


Apparently the so-called big six are not so keen on taking new customers on because of the price cap,this shows what their intentions are of raising prices any old time they want to, it’ll be back to the old monopoly again if they get their way.


However philanthropic and community minded this idea is, it would only amount to micro economics where macro economics are needed. If there’s a spare £50 million per month to put in, there’s a good chance that Bulb would totter onwards…

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Yes, it’s hard to know if it’s possible to help without knowing the figures involved/needed, I fear you may well be right @Monty. Thank you for contributing to the discussion. I’m ever the optimist though! Lol.

You never know, this seemingly unwieldy situation could be a catalyst for change in some way. If it’s even just putting the debate under parliament’s nose.

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Hold on… If I haven’t ballsed it up entirely, £50M a month between 1.7M people is actually only £29 per month. I (think) I’d pay that if it meant still being green and being happy with my provider… I know people on low incomes who spend £80 a week to buy organic and local out of ethics and principles… Personal choices…


I have been overpaying Bulb for 12 months, £85pcm gas & electricity, which I recently checked and they have reset it to £41pcm. My search earlier with the Big 6 was coming out at £115-£175 so whichever way you look at it, it would still make sense even on a micro level to pay, say £29pcm extra to Bulb… and presumably that example would be reflected in all customers’ balance sheets… So even just in terms of cold hard numbers, it would be a sensible thing to do. If your figure of £50M were a true reflection of circumstances…


Agreed, @Monty , that’s why it’s just one of several ideas. But @GemC is also right, even if we only got a portion of the 1.7million to pay a bit extra; based, as @GemC also says, on the fact that prices are going to hike if we get punted elsewhere and hike if Bulb survives, we’d be injecting capital while building up our credit, assuming that is helpful enough rather than donating/investing the money to/with Bulb. We could do a mixture of the two if building up our credit isn’t enough.

So if we could get a possibly ambitious 1 million to pay an average of an additional £50/month, we might get somewhere. More difficult things have been done. Be the change and all that :smirk:


The way I would envisage it would be suggested monthly amounts based on a scale, with the most basic one being to stay with Bulb, stay with Bulb and leave as much of your credit as you can in your account, monthly additional payments as can be afforded (with suggested amounts based on individual financial circumstances).