Who is my Gas with?


I have recently changed from Utilita to Bulb in the last week. I know, for sure, that my Electric is with bulb now, however I cannot see on my Bulb Account nor my Utilita Account who I am with for my Gas. Utilita put an objection to it, but I called them recently and got that sorted out and there is no longer any objection for my Gas. Bulb should have my Gas now but I am unsure. I am also out of gas and need to top-up but I do not wish to waste money by using the wrong thing to top up with. I have both the electric and gas cards for bulb that got delivered to me.

Could someone from Bulb please be able to tell me who I am with for my Gas please?

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards

@jm1998 Even if your gas has switched to Bulb you should still be able to use your old gas card:

Solid advice indeed! Though some suppliers particularly the larger ones (won’t name and shame as that’s not what we do on here) close accounts rather quickly even if there is a failed switch, but I do always recommend giving us a call on 0300 3030 635 should you ever find yourself in this situation!

@jm1998 welcome to Bulb community! :relaxed:

I see that there was a failed attempt at switching over your gas supply so you’re still with Utilita, this can happy for a variety of reasons such as account signup details mismatching with what they have on their systems etc.

Could you get in touch with us via live chat, phone (0300 3030 635) or email (help@bulb.co.uk) so we can look into this further?