Who is the supplier?

What exactly is the connection between “Green Energy” and “Bulb”? Have I missed something? I have been getting my electricity from Green Energy pretty well ever since it started

@CV57RB, do you mean Good Energy?

Bulb simply supply 100% renewable electricity (and 10% biogas) which they refer to as “Green Energy”.

They purchase their energy from a number of sources, primarily independent renewable generators for electricity (which you can see a bit more about here)

Thanks Mowcius.

Bulb has no connection to any other energy company. “Green Energy UK” is another supplier, who tried to score extra branding points by naming themselves after the green energy that all renewable energy suppliers buy. We’re not affiliated with them at all.

Ahh yes, I’d forgotten about them.

Funnily enough, despite their name, they’re not even close to 100% renewable with over 30% of their leccy being procuced by gas!