Who needs a Smart Meter?!

This is fun.

Bulb sent my May Statement at 07:04 on the 23rd May. They ‘really REALLY’ needed a meter reading. The last one they had was on the 8th January.

The Estimated Reading came in at 17856…

At 16:45 on the 23rd May, I took a reading of my Gas.

…17856… After nearly six months to get the estimate dead on the nose. Just how good are bulb with their estimates!

Smart meters, Pah!


Hi @DeanJ and welcome to our Community :deciduous_tree: ,

That is actually really cool. Maybe this is a sign?

If this happened to me, I would buy a lottery ticket or something. Ride the lucky train as far as I can.

I’ve been wondering about these SMART meters I don’t want one, for my own reasons.

At the moment I have a traditional prepayment meter, and I’m a little worried with the current social climate of moving to a cashless society - which would mean I couldn’t charge my key.

Thinking about it, I wonder if Bulb could set my meter to ‘infinite credit’ and I could communicate my meter readings and pay as if it were an ordinary meter.

@jairo That would be fairly difficult to do unfortunately. We can’t remotely communicate with traditional prepayment meters so automatically applying credit (infinite or not) isn’t something we’re able to do.

As discussed on another thread, a traditional credit meter, where you pay by direct debit, may be the best option for you. I think there’s still plenty of time before society moves to completely cashless though!

I was wondering as well, does your top up shop allow you to pay by debit/credit card? My understanding of a cashless society was that physical money would be eliminated but replaced by the use of cards :money_with_wings: Do correct me if I’ve got my wires crossed though.

Yes they are leading us down a path I don’t want to go.