Who owns Bulb?


Who are Bulb’s owners investors? Is the money being invested coming from or being used for unethical sources/investments?


Hi @chango

All of our investors invested in Bulb because of our mission and ethical goals. Bulb’s completely owned by the founders, investors and employees. Everyone who works at Bulb has a stake in the business.

Investors are friends and family. No one from EvilCorp. You can look up a list of investors in our annual return in Companies House if you’re interested.

Here’s Bulb Energy LTD’s annual return which shows the sole shareowner as “Simple Energy Limited”
And here’s Simple Energy Limited’s annual return which lists out investors.

Simple Energy was an early iteration of Bulb before we’d come up with the name Bulb.

Hi @will, the 2 links to the annual returns result in an error message. Can you please check what’s missing? Thanks!

@bulbonthego Hmm looks like Companies House’s PDF links aren’t permanent. Here’s the link to Bulb Energy LTD’s filing history, where you can look at our latest annual return, and here’s the same for Simple Energy Limited.