Wholesale gas prices have halved recently, when will Bulb customers see gas prices reflect this?

Hi Bulb and fellow users,

You may have noticed over Xmas that there were reports on the halving of UK wholesale gas prices as multiple countries compete to retain market share: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/dec/26/energy-bills-for-millions-of-households-to-fall-after-gas-prices-halve

Some companies have already begun to pass these savings on to customers - when will Bulb customers see an appropriate reduction in our gas charges please?




Hi @Jozudave,

We’ve been paying close attention to the price of wholesale gas and we’ll be making an announcement very soon in regard to it.

We’ll be posting the update on our blog, as well as emailing Bulb members directly. Make sure to watch this space.


Thanks for the reply - I look forward to hearing Bulb’s formal response to this change in the market prices soon!

That’s good to hear. Although prices should be low with a very mild winter.

Many thanks for bringing this to the forum lets hope Bulb take notice and quickly reduce both gas and electricity pricing before people start to rebel by leaving


I agree. I am now receiving mails reminding me that I can save more than £100 annually for switching and that is only to reputable high scoring companies.

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Start to switch your supply £100 is a lot of money. To save money you have to play the market. Bulb are not competitive enough they need to review their prices. The UK is currently enjoying very mild weather this alone will cause the wholesale price of gas to fall and further reduce the generation cost of electricity .So come on Bulb Wake up and smell the coffee !!!

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Its going to have to be very soon and a decent reduction as I am likely to make a switch next week saving £130 per year.

Apart from pricing I have been with Bulb for 2 years and have had no other issues, although going from others posts there does appear to be recent customer service issues and major problems with Smart meters.

Hi I’m glad to hear this… Would like news soon as being persued by other companies to swap.

Bulb are like the teenager that says “I’ll do it in a minute”…


They need to sort the new pricing out very soon as I’m fed up with the unit prices and preparing to shop around after watching Martin Lewis’s program tonight. I changed from Utility Warehouse who I was with for many years so know what my average usage is and as the change was well over a year ago I am disappointed that I am paying at least double for my gas now!

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I agree with you re new pricing but too late for me as I made a switch this week.
I dont understand you paying double though, how does that relate to your kWH usage? That will have gone up with the colder weather but the unit prices have not risen.

According to one switch company there are now more than 50 companies offering cheaper dual gas/electricity prices including many of the big 6. Will be sorry to leave Bulb but if no review are made to their pricing will be forced to switch

I just switched but I’m within the 14 day “change your mind” period. Bulb has 10 days to make an announcement or I’m definitely gone, unfortunately.

My switch may save me £200.

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You mentioned 7 days ago you had switched, doesn’t this mean Bulb have 7 days to make an announcement before you pass the 14 day cooling off period?

Why do you say the switch may save you £200 rather than it WILL SAVE you £200?

I can’t imagine Bulb lowering their prices to equate to your £200 saving?

Here’s some answers -

  1. I initially switched to EDF but to make this work I would have had to go with smart meters. After some poking about in the internet I concluded that that wasn’t a good idea and terminated the switch.
  2. I then found another supplier (So Energy) that is quoting the same savings but without the obligatory smart meters. So I have started the switch to them.
  3. I said may rather than will as the So tariff has a cheaper Gas rate but a higher Electricity rate. If the next year is exactly as this past year, then may will become will. Otherwise not, as my usage is tending to be (at the moment) more Electricity and less Gas than last year at the same point.

I really hate having to threaten. One of the attractions of Bulb was their Fair pricing and reacting to both price reductions and price rises in a reasonable way. I am being told that I can save £270 a year. The margin is too great and if bulb are still trying to be reasonable they need to move quickly. Patience is a virtue I can’t afford.

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I moved from EDF to Bulb because it was cheaper, but like others have said, it’s now much cheaper elsewhere. In my case, I’d save over £160 pa just by moving back to EDF (showing their prices went down by even more than the £160). Having a single tariff is good, but it has to change when everyone else’s does because of wholesale prices.
I expected Bulb to be more responsive, as I can hardly try and refer friends to move to Bulb if it’s a worse deal for them!

Yes, same here. MSE switch saying can save£15 per month. That’s a lot.