Who's the Cheapest?

Currently both variable tariffs and Direct Debit payment.

Standing Charge 20.56
Unit Rate 14.15

Outfox the Market
Standing Charge 10.91
Unit Rate 12.98

All inclusive of VAT.

My question is; why would I stay with Bulb apart from the referral scheme?

That’s why I was asking? Is there any need to be rude.
But yes, thought as much, another customer on the move.

Ha ha. You’re career in customer service will be long and fruitful :slight_smile:

I have no personal experience of Outfox the Market (OFTM) but there is Facebook page of customers either past or those who would like to leave which is very disparaging of the company. There are regular reports of OFTM reinstating peoples direct debit without their prior knowledge or authority.

Thats great to know thanks, unfortunately I made the decision to switch earlier today.
This at one time was a good community but now there are unregulated fools within the forums as you can see from the unhelpful comment above. No intervention from Bulb, so I’m guessing they arent interested either.
Il see how I go with OFTM, many thanks again.

You can still cancel you are well wihin the fourteen(14) day cooling off period

Hi @JustinArmstrong,

I’ve just seen this and I’m really sorry that you’ve switched away and that you’ve been upset by comments on here. We’re working on being quicker to monitor threads (without interfering with people’s thoughts and opinions) and make Community a place of positive discussion.

I’m going to send you an email now so we can discuss your experience and get some feedback from you about what we can do to improve. (if you’re happy to talk of course.)

Again apologies, and I hope you rejoin us again one day! Let me know if you need anything else at all.


Thanks, but while this troll is on the forum I won’t consider even being a customer.
Absolutely no need for his attitude.
Some people are nervous about posting publicly on forums fearing online abuse without helpful information being provided, I’m sure I’m not alone in this and I’m sure there are other members won’t ask questions or be part of the community forums for reasons above!