Why 2 standing charges Eco 7

Just got my first bill from bulb.

I’m on economy 7 And I am being charged 2 standing charges when there’s only one meter with a switch from peak to off peak.

I wonder if it is similar to that discussed in this article: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5941236

Even paying 2 standing charges I feel it will be cheaper than SSE , I just don’t feel it’s fair.

I have 2 bedrooms and 4 night storage heaters which use the most electric,

I really need to stay a year and see the true cost as I don’t use night storage in the summer.

Can you not run the maths based on your previous years of annual usage?

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This seems very odd to me if you only have one electric meter with 2 lots of numbers night and day you should only be paying the 1 standing charge of 20.44 p per day taken at midnight this is what I pay. In terms of cost Bulb are the cheapest supplier of economy 7 or the soon to be for gotten tariff .If you have a smart meter might be worth shopping around for a suitable time of use tariff Are your storage heaters energised by the meter clicking over to off peak or are they on timers if their the larger storage heaters i doubt the later let me know very sadly providers are charging ridiculously high prices very soon economy 7 will become to costly to be an economical way to heat our homes which i find very sad.

I have 4 big night storage heaters By dimplex not the latest but not that old.

I seem to be on an economy 10 tariff where I get a few hours in the night and a few hours in the day and early evening Because I’ve noticed the heaters get in halter in the afternoon and the water heater can come on at 2 o’clock to 3 o’clock

I have 2 fuse boxes one off peak and 1 peak but only 1 meter a telematic series meter.

They should be no need for 2 standing charges because there’s only one supplied to the accommodation.

!st of all Dimplex storage heaters are the best. If your on economy 10 your storage heaters will be overcharging need to set the input to a lower setting. Now the sad news
Bulb do not support economy 10 it is their policy to charge economy 10 at standard day rate I would be very interested to know if your heating is energised all the time. what rates are you paying to get a better understanding of what tariff you are actually on Let me know

I know they don’t support 3 tariffs they said they will only support 2 tariffs day-and-night

The storage heaters and water heater are most definitely on the off peak tariff

And this is the statement from Last year before southern electric put up the prices

These are the latest prices for the year just gone as you can see they are way way higher

Sorry these are the latest prices

Thanks for the information My 1st thought come from the rates you are paying your night rate meter 1288 kw in 1 month that’s not bad considering you have 4 storage heaters around 43 KWh per day for heating multiplied by 7.76 p = £3.33 p. That’s not too bad at all. Now for the latter 2 readings you are paying a flat standard rate @ 12.91 on both readings That is a very good rate considering a normal economy 7 rate .is considerably more expensive I currently pay 8.79 p off peak and 16.79 p for the day. You told me your off peak is split throughout the day and night I would be laughing all the way to the bank you seem to be on a very good tariff. I see 3 separate customer reads done by yourself. are you on a 3 rate meter or on 2 meters I dont know. to summarise the information you have given very clearly in black and white I personally would keep quiet your on a good thing even if you are paying 2 standing charges Hope this verdict helps I would keep it zipped or you may loose what looks to be a very good tariff

The electric meter has 3 rates it’s the telematic one with a Orange and blue button I thought I was using far more electric than anyone else

But the Winter months I expect to pay a £150 a month we have no gas so that means in the summer months my bills will be around 60 pounds a month.

If you compare to the rates the latest from Southern electric I knew there had to be some Savings.

I know I get 3 sets of hours but which 3 I don’t know I know the off peak water comes on power at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and at 5 o’clock in the morning because I hear the click on the meter

Next thing I want is for an electrician to check the thermostats in the storage heaters

Looks like you are on a heatwise meter 2 Mpans Your on a very good tariff the rates are superb !! As for your storage heaters if you turn the input from high to low you will hear a click this is the temperature your heaters are currently storing in the core. Try it at different times of the day and note the difference this is the reference temp of the heater. Don’t think you need an electrician to check this unless your heaters are getting dangerously hot I don’t see this as the case as your consumption would be a lot higher. Good luck with everything