Why am I being asked to submit a meter reading when I was told I wouldn't have to?

I just received a text asking me to submit a meter reading because the last time I did was 18 months ago. I did this when I was moving house and was told that I wouldn’t need to submit readings manually after that initial time.

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Do you have a Smart meter? As far as I understand (I don’t/can’t have one due to my meter being too far away from my flat) the meter readings are automatically sent/read by Bulb so that they are able to use them to correctly bill you. If this is the case they are maybe asking for meter readings to confirm the readings they are using from the Smart meter reflect those of the primary meter itself. Do you check what the meter is reading against your bills to ensure that they are correct?
If you don’t have a Smart meter how are Bulb calculating your bills?? Are you getting estimated billing?? My own experience of estimated bills showed that they are using readings that are greater than your actual usage so it may be prudent to submit readings. If you need to do this I would recommend doing it monthly and you need submit the reading within the 3 days before your bill is due.
And submitting a reading after 18mths isn’t a hardship to be fair.
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We have been receiving your electricity meter readings automatically, however it seems we have lost connection to your smart gas.

Are you able to provide a reading or update your bulb account with the latest gas reads. It may be that we have been over/underestimating you.

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