Why am I paying for gas and electricity but Bulb only have my gas supply?

Hi my monthly pay is 68 somthink that’s for gas and electric. Bulb have taken more than half for the electric and then nothing for gas. I have rang so many times about the gas not been taken and they just keep saying because it’s a new build where not registered on the national data base. Has any one els had this

Heya @Sammie

I’m sorry about the frustration. Please see my direct message to get this one sorted out.

I can explain what has happened in this case:

When a new home is built, the gas and electricity supplies are registered on the national databases. Your gas meter is on the national database but is missing some important information; the meter serial number. We are unable to take over your supply without it and equally, we are not able to update the national database ourselve. This is not because we don’t want to help you. Ofgem regulations mean that only the current supplier can make these changes.

I’ve messaged you a picture of your gas supply registration so you can send it to your current supplier. Once it’s updated, please let us know so we can register for the supply ourselves.

In terms of your payments, as you requested both gas and electricity, we’ve set up your direct debit for both energy supplies. Given that we’ve not been able to take over your gas supply, I’ve refunded half your payments from June onwards (because we refunded half in June also). So £137.94 is on its way back to you.

I’ve also changed your direct debit to be half of what it is. When we’re able to takeover your supply, you can increase your payments on your Bulb account :slight_smile: