Why an estimated after reading?

I provided a reading a few days ago and suddenly today estkmates for both gas and electricity appeared on my accojnt which are quite a bit higher than my reading. Why?? Is that a new way to scheme people out of money??

Not sure exactly when you provided the readings, but if you provide them within 2/3 days of the billing date, they should use your readings. If you’re paying a fixed DD, then estimates this time round shouldn’t make a difference as it should adjust itself next time.

If you’re paying the billed amount, then you need to contact Bulb if it’s a significant difference.

And, always best to take a photo of your meter when submitting readings. Can be a headache saver!!

I provided the reading on 31st as recommended because of the rise in the price cap. Whats the point doing that when providers can just ignore those readings by providing estimates? As for takkng pictures, i always do that for myself, as a reference. But somehow takjng pictures and submit them doesnt work.

I had the same, submitted readings, they used estimates and my bill went from £80-£90 right up to £195, apparently there was an “error in billing” … every month with bulb is the same, there is always something wrong that I have to spend time sorting out!!

It’s so they can take more than you owe … :bulb::rage:!

YES seems that way and they are automatically changing peoples Direct debits based on bogus estimated usage :bulb: :rage: