Why are Bulb asking higher payments!

I am at a loss to understand as to WHY Bulb are asking me to "top up " my payments. I am over a £145 in credit, and ALWAYS input my usage monthly. I am NOT pleased about this, and am thinking of changing company soon.

You don’t have to top up your direct debit if you don’t think you need to.

All energy suppliers now take direct debits in a 1/12th of your annual usage basis.

If your estimated winter usage is above £100 a month then you will be asked to top up as per the terms and conditions that you need at least a months worth of credit in your account at all times.

Thanks for the reply. My estimated winter usage is WELL below 100 per month, We spend 5 months abroad! I honestly think it insulting to suggest I pay more, when I am very much in credit.

Bulb probably don’t know this so they base it on their estimation algorithms. The only way to send readings which actually reflect this are to either submit monthly readings or get a smart meter installed.


If you check your Payments & statement page what does it show for Average monthly usage?

Mine shows just over a £1 a month more than my actual usage costs over the last 12 months. My actual usage costs are based on my regular monthly meter readings for the last 12 months.

I have always given them monthly readings, and from what I have read until a gun is put to my head I will not get a Smart Meter!

But how can you give them monthly readings if you spend the winter abroad? Does someone visit your house and email you the readings when they’re due?

**yes they do, religiously **