Why are Bulb charging me an E7 rate when I signed up to a single meter rate?

Can anyone explain why my quote offered me a 14p kwh and now that I have agreed to switch it is offering me a 16p day rate and cheaper night rate. I don’t have economy 7.I work from home so consume during the day. Thanks

Speaking only as another customer - clearly something has gone wrong!

You’ll need to contact Bulb directly, and ask them to investigate why your meter has appeared as a two-rate Economy-7 meter when you don’t have Economy-7. Although Bulb staff do post here occasionally, it is mostly used by customers.

I agree with contact bulb direct.
Perhaps your quote was from when the prices were changing. Have you still got the original quote? collect your bits and proof then put it to them.
Quick note on 2 rate meters.
I have a day and night meter, and years ago when I left shift work I asked my then energy company to move it all to one day charge, for at the time a second standing charge was given me which was more than what I used at night.
Nowadays I try to get all my quotes given me on day rate only…changing a meter costs.