Why are bulb not responding

I used a top up voucher provided by the household support fund to top up my electric it went through the pay point with no issues but that was on the 3rd January 2022 and still it hasn’t been credited to my account. I’ve sent 2 emails with proof off the transaction but I’ve had know response to either email, why?

Hi @anthony64 ,

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I’m really sorry that nobody has got back to your email yet. I have just sent you over an email for the next step in this as it seems the top up had failed. Please follow up on those steps and let me know if you have any other questions for me.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi Suki thank you for getting back to me I’ve emailed you again I’ve followed your instructions but it still won’t credit to my meter.

Hi Anthony,

I replied back yesterday , could you send me an image of the actual error message on your meter screen after typing the UTRN code. The team have confirmed that this amount has not yet been used. Please could you try again and reply back to my email with an update ?

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi Suki I have replied to your email twice now with the information you requested but have had no reply from Bulb.

I don’t think bulb have any employees any more. They are basically ignoring all customer support. They deserved bankruptcy.
I think we should all switch to octopus.

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Hey @anthony64 sorry about the delay there, Suki has unfortunately not been in so we apologise for the delay, we have raised with our smart pay as you go team with the pictures you sent so we can get a final look at this for you.

@cliff we apologise for the delay with your query, we have just popped you a response in your previous post, if you have any further questions there just let us know.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl the £49 has still not been added to my electric it’s been weeks now, please could you tell me what’s going on , thank you

Hi its been a few months now and the £49 from the household support fund has still not been credited to my electric meter, not sure whats going on couod you update me please, Thank you