Why are my bills so high?

My bills are stupidly high and we hardly use anything. Every time we use anything it spikes on the smart meter and I’m scared to use anything. My bills have been between£175 and £100 for a small two bed flat. It hardly seems right. We hardly use the heating because we got a bill for £175 but it seams so extreme. Does anyone else have redicliusy high bills with Bulb? I keep seeing everyone post about having really cheap bills. It just seems a lot for a small two bed flat. I can’t really afford it. :frowning:

Yes I am exactly the same I’m in a tiny 1 bedroom flat & my bills are £170 per month and I haven’t even had the heating on on even the coldest days as I’m terrified as I can’t afford it. My mum lives in a house more than twice the size and her bill is less than half of mine and she has the heating on all the time. It’s ridiculous. I emails Bulb about it months ago but no one ever replies. It’s shocking. They said I owe over £500 even though I always sent in readings and now have a smart meter. With my smart meter they are now using estimated readings which I don’t understand. I really want to change to another supplier but owe too much money.

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I am very sorry to hear about your high bills. I can see that we are getting Smart readings from your meter, which is a good start. However, this does mean that the high statements are according to high usage.

In that case, it’s definitely worth testing that your meter is clocking up usage correctly (and seeing whether there are any appliances in your home that are using up a lot more electricity than they should).

I can see that my colleague has emailed you with instructions on how to do that. It’d be great if you could follow those instructions and let him know how you get on. We can take it from there.

@loopylou05 I have replied to your estimated bill query in another thread.

If either of you have any questions, please do let me know.

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