Why are my prices increasing when I have credit in my account?

I have just been informed today by Bulb that my monthly payment for duel fuel will increase from £88 per month to £106 per month. Using the information you have about my home, you think my energy will cost £1313 over the next 12 months. On reading the latest information from Ofgem, starting on 1st Jan 2019 a typical dual fuel customer paying by direct debit will pay at most £1,137 a year and energy providers have to cut their default and standard variable tariffs to the level of the cap.
Can you explain this increase to my bill, especially when I have £234 in credit at this present time?
Jim McLean


Purely as another customer.

There have been an influx of discussions recently on this forum regarding similar queries, You can search the forum or just click “Recent Discussion”.

If you are in credit by a large amount ignore the request to increase the payment until you are satisfied your credit has been reduced and it is at a level to meet one months advance payment. In all probability you will be using more energy during the forthcoming winter months so having a credit buffer will help to maintain your DD payments during this period.

A more definitive explanation from Bulb is on this page: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003405632-How-do-Bulb-payments-and-statements-work-