Why are people always moaning....,,,

Gosh, just read some posts on the “community forum” and don’t people moan!! Typical British we love a good moan. Perhaps instead of moaning all the time just switch supplier, and take your chance with some of the small companies out there, then you will have something to moan about!
If you all took some interest in your bills and read your meter every fortnight/month you wouldn’t have this issue. I’ve been with Bulb over a year and couldn’t be happier, yes I’m in a lot of credit, BECAUSE I WANT TO BE, so that I can have the underfloor heating on when I want over the winter. Just all grow up and take some responsibility and check your own meters and bills and don’t leave it 3 months to submit a reading, otherwise of course they will estimate it!!!


your implying that every bulb customer apart from yourself is to stupid to read a meter


@skippy64 That’s not what they’re saying at all

@Itwizman is right, many of the complainers on here DO moan incessantly, often not doing all they could to make their account accurate because they aren’t submitting their readings frequently enough

Moaning cos the big company isn’t holding their hand and doing everything for them, has no regular readings so Bulb HAS to estimate bills which can lead to larger Direct Debits than the complainer would like


I am aware that some of these customers bring about their own downfall by not submitting readings at the correct time(if at all). there are also customers that deliberately or otherwise send in initial low readings(which you know as well as I that the origanal D/D is based on) then seem surprised their in debt. But this does not apply to everybody. There are problems with bulbs accounting system, when customers have more thaan one tariff, ie: day/night rate

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Itwizman - moaning is something I dont do! I have to much going on, however I did want to quickly reply…‘it can never been the suppliers fault can it’ Pants to you! Never judge peoples integrity!

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“Moaning is something I don’t do”

@claredavies8888 your other thread which you started says otherwise…



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Totally agree. like the “BULB IS CHARGING PEOPLE MORE OVERE CORONA VIRUS” thing. It was just that they had used a lot of energy. there is a LOAD of “omg I submitted a meter reading and now bulb is wanted me to pay £££ they are so bad I’m switching” topics. There is a load of “omg bulbs smart meters are bad they always break so bad I’m switching” when its a problem in the whole network. Bulb’s customer service has been impeccable for me, and everyone I’ve spoken too has been knowledgeable and have responded within 1 business day. I think that someone at bulb needs to step up and say for example “The reason we increased your monthly payment is because you had not submitted a meter reading regularly. When you finally did submit a reading, it turned out you had used more energy than the basic estimate from the info you gave us.” and really come back at this, because they make it look like bulb has messed up when that isn’t the case at all.

There’s also a lot of the same people who are quick to jump on everyone these posts with “yeah bulb is awful”

I’ve had 1 problem with bulb, but it was due to my unique scenario of having a smart meter fitted when there is no DCC signal where I am. this was quickly sorted by bulb once I pointed it out.


I’ve been with bulb ages multiple houses now I’m stuck after they put a smart metre in its broke sending the same reading for last four months and not fixing it! Saying they can’t do anything and to supply manual readings and when I do smart metre sends another with the wrong one lol so I have a right to moan now when emailing them is of no use! I just want this sorting after they installed it! Otherwise I want my old metre back and I’ll giv manual readings like before I don’t want to fight the smart metre to put a reading in hoping it won’t take another right after it.

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Did you read my last message?

There is a load of “omg bulbs smart meters are bad they always break so bad I’m switching” when its a problem in the whole network.

When bulb say they can’t do anything, its because they really can’t. The network is controlled by the DCC. It is likely an issue with them that has caused this. You could switch suppliers and this issue would properly not be fixed any quicker then bulb.

Have you rang bulb up That’s usually the best way to get things fixed, and when I had an issue after I had got through to them (which admittedly, took about 20-30 minutes), it was fixed in minutes. I find emailing them is fine for queries, but no so good for fixing things.

if you don’t already know, their number is 0300 30 30 635

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I’ll try calling… switching is not to get issue fixed its more to get accurate bills as the smart meter will go dumb n stop giving silly readings and it constantly asking me for photos as the reading is so far out over the smart reading. Something’s gotta be able to be done… even if it’s stop the smart readings or to ignore them altogether n gives estimates

Oh how lovely to be perfect @Itwizman, I am trying to move!


Yes how dare I complain that my messages are not dealt with and my new smart meter doesn’t work properly.

Shame on me


Gotta love these “I’ve never had a problem with Bulb so it’s impossible for anyone else to have any real problems with Bulb” types :joy:

Here’s what it is laid out real simple. If people do not complain about the very real issues they’re having, most justified, then companies like this will never, ever change because they do not have to.

Good luck when you have to raise REAL problems with Bulb, guys. Genuinely!


Hi @tinap

I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the service at the moment.

I’ve just dropped you an email so we can get to the bottom of any issues you might be having.

No, you haven’t. I’ve checked several times this morning already. Nothing.

Hi @tinap

We sent an email to the one listed on your Bulb account at 11.14 today. If you’ve not received that could you give us a ring on 0300 303 0635 to check we’ve got the correct contact details on file?

I got it an hour later. Plus another from Renee. Funny how when a customer is the first to reach out by email, they all go unanswered. But soon as they talk on the community for long enough about it, the inbox is suddenly flooded from several Bulb staff that couldn’t find the time to email before. It can’t surely be because you only want us to praise bulb on the forums can it?

With respect, I would rather not call either. As I said elsewhere, I’m an exceptionally busy person, and having seen many, many other people’s tales of calling in, I would rather not be kept on hold for a couple of hours to not have my issues sorted out at all. I have better things to do with that time, especially at this time of year. I also vastly prefer to have a paper trail, so to speak. I have had far too many companies in the past try to screw me over, then claim all of the phone calls to sort it out never took place then flat out refuse me the transcripts of those calls.

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I finally did get some help because I did not give up. The installed meters apparently worked but the bills were not being “pushed” to the billings department.

I presume this software issue also caused my App not to record smart readings.

Hopefully my situation is now resolved and I can stop being a “moaner” (customer in need of service)

Good luck to the less fortunate still waiting.

You seem kinda new around here so ill give you a summary of why this post was made.

A few months ago now, there seemed to be a surge of cases where people were blaming bulb for there problems. These posts would usually consist of people who had just submitted a reading and were surprised to see a very large bill because they had been estimated for all their previous time. These posts flooded the community page, there was literally walls of “BULB ARE CHARGING ME £XXXX”. That was this post was referring too.

I’ve been watching the fire burn on the forum lately. I used to spend quite a bit of time trying to help people out, but it seems that after the price increase, people (rightfully so) came here to protest, and its kinda been a ****storm for a while, where people have been letting it all out.

Honestly, bulbs email support has been great for me. that’s likely because I’ve never emailed them, rather I’ve had them email me. It’s clearly evident though from the very high amount of complaints on here that their email is… useless to say the least. I’ve had good experiences with there LiveChat though, and their phone has never been more than 20 minutes.

I wish you luck with your emails to bulb.