Why are people always moaning....,,,

I did read those. I read all the recent ones too.

No one I’m interacting with, it’s quite clear, are in the group past or present, who are just skipping readings or something that would make it not bulbs fault.

The cases I see for the vast majority are all doing exactly as they should be. Still getting messed around by bulb. I am doing exactly as I should be. Still getting messed around by bulb.

I am very happy you’re getting excellent service. There will always be a few who do. But this does not make complaints invalid, especially from those who are actually doing everything right, now and in the past.

My being new to the forum doesn’t affect my ability to read posts past and present.

Sorry, would you like to say where I said the current posts were not valid complaints?

if you recall from that post, I said “a few months ago”. Not at the moment.

I merely saw this fairly passive-aggressive post and thought that you hadn’t seen the older posts.

You had no need to be passive aggressive yourself by opening with you seem to be new here.

Like I said, it doesn’t affect my ability to read the history of the forum.

And tbh, yes. Your rather lengthy post, assuming I had not read up on everything beforehand and was just including everyone who simply hadn’t sent in meter readings or sent in incorrect ones does imply that all of the complaints where they do everything right are invalid. You do not have to explicitly state this to imply it heavily. That is indeed the meaning of imply.

That being said, I am not here for a cat fight, with you or anyone. I’m simply here to get my issues acknowledged at the very least by Bulb since every other avenue with them has failed.

I hope you continue to have great service with Bulb. Everyone deserves to have a provider that suits them. If that’s Bulb for you, I’m happy for you.

I’ll leave it at that and call our correspondence over and go about my business on the forum elsewhere. Have a great evening, Izzy.

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I am sorry, for I did not mean to have heavily inferred that all the complaints are invalid.

I too have had my fair share of major problems with bulb, and also know that it is for sure not perfect.

Have a good evening also.

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Try using british gas. then you’ll have problems. Wait for it…

Not everyone is stupid enough to jump from the frying pan into the fire
Go back to your cave DD!

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Hiya yous, since being with Bulb I’ve been been able to afford to upgrade and have moved out of the cave onto a cloud. It’s lovely and warm up here with no heating bills. I’m so happy with money now… Wheeeeeee.

Keep taking the meds bro, will work soon, promise!

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seriously skip, maybe I’ve been lucky but as everything is settled with Bulb now I’m pleased with how they’ve helped me with a sensible bill and credit as well. dd

me and my bulb

nah, Scottish power is just perfect eh?

hey Izzy, I save so much money with Bulb, I don’t wash, shower, bath, cook, but I do washing in the kettle and now I live on my cloud I don’t need lights. dd

Is that a hot or cold wash?

Oh no, You’re starting me off again. Anyway, I warm the kettle by tucking it into my cloud, it’s so well insulated naturally of course. when I’ve finished I pour the used water over the edge of my cloud so you can have a little shower in the angel flakes. Don’t need meds up here.

Any possibility you could pour it over while it’s still warm, that last shower was a wee bitty cold and the wife was none to happy when it dampened my ardour

hey yous hu needs the meds now.

I’ve got the meds little blue ones

Back to the failing smart meter.

My gas readings are still not recording.

You know the problem as you manually forced the reading to go to billing so you must be able to make the gas meter or the software mirror your intervention.

It’s getting tedious asking for what was promised.

Losing the will to live?

Not quite that bad but it seems the norm nowadays to pay for a service and then have to spoon feed the supplier with free time and effort just to get the result you entered into a contract to receive.

The bigger the company the less they care about the truth or the agreement.