Why are smart meter installs a priority over emergencies?

I have been told by Bulb that they are not sending engineers out at the moment to fix smart meters as a priority. If you can read the meter manually then this is not a priority. They need all the engineers at present to fix emergencies etc. They told me they do not have enough staff to cover the emergencies as it is. OK I understand this.

What they refuse to answer and I have asked at least 5 times now via various methods and they avoid the question like the plague, is, why are Bulb still installing smart meters when they don’t have enough staff for emergencies? Surely there is some kind of problem here since smart meter installs are not emergencies.

They are refusing to send anyone out to try and remedy a smart meter that cannot send them readings and don’t even know when they can again. But they continue to install many more new ones day after day, some of them end up with problems too.

This is just plain wrong in my opinion.

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Paid for installations(meeting targets) not paid for fixing them,to run correctly

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I would guess that they don’t want to be pursued by/in trouble with OFGEM for not hitting their install targets:

EDF Energy pays £350k After Missing Smart Meter Targets (2018)
SSE pays £700,000 after missing gas smart meter target (2019)
£1.2 million paid as SSE Energy Services failed to hit smart meter targets (2020)

(EDIT: I see @skippy64 beat me to it, probably because I was digging out the links)

Try getting a meter check.

No chance. I’ve been fobbed off and lied to for months.

Yet, the same appliance registers 5 units during the day and 2.6 during the night. Yeah, that’s a perfectly working meter according to bulb. Oh did I mention I’m a vulnerable customer who doesn’t have hot water and can’t afford to run the heating? Bulb don’t care about that either.

Just switch suppliers.

Hi @ctclarke23, I’m really sorry it is taking a little longer than expected to get this sorted, but we are still waiting to hear back from the special escalation we raised to try to get this sorted. This is all being recorded on your complaint thread, so you will receive the appropriate resolve for this.

Hopefully the complaint also covers the patronizing unhelpful and rude kid who I had the misfortune to speak to yesterday.

Just before I contacted your regulator.