Why are we payso much for just electric

Since I’ve moved in to my flat with my partner 2nd December 2021 we have used close to £150 which is totally ridiculous. It’s far to high for only 2 people that aren’t here during the day.

Hi @james1103baker ,

Have you been supplying your meter readings or is your bill based on estimates (which will be based on previous figures supplied by the previous occupants?).

If you have provided the figures (and they are reflected on your bill - with the ‘opening/starting read’ matching what you had when you moved in), then the bill should be accurate as per the measured usage. If you feel the measured usage is incorrect, then there could be a meter fault (although this is very unlikely), the wrong meter figures/details have been supplied (reasonably common in shared buildings as sometimes it’s not clear whose meter is whose) or you are using more power than you expect (have you got electric radiators? these are common in flats and can consume quite a bit of power - but they may be ‘storage heaters’ which are meant to be ‘charged’ overnight).

Hope this helps!

Hi @james1103baker - welcome to community :wave: And thank you @RichyB for all your suggestions here, they’re really useful!

I’ve looked at your account and can see that you’ve been billed for your exact usage as we’ve received them from your smart meters.

If you think that the meter could be faulty you can perform a burns test.
For electricity - Turn off your power at the fuse box and check if the electricity meter is still clocking consumption. It should have stopped, as no electricity is being used – so if it’s clocking, it’s probably faulty.

For gas - Start by turning off all your gas appliances and heating. Turn on one item, such as a single gas ring, and then watch the meter for a few minutes. For a single gas ring the meter should only clock a few kilowatt hours over the course of five minutes. Make a note of the amount the meter clocks up, and tell us the figures you’ve noted.

We’ll be able to judge whether your meter’s working properly or not.

– Meg :bulb: