Why Bulb?

There’s no doubt Bulb have some excellent reviews, but is this encouraged by the £50.00 referral everyone seems to be getting…I wonder…?
Currently paying 24.77 a day standing charge so no real big difference at Bulb’s 24.56

I understand currently 15.98 per kw compared to Bulb’s 13.34 would make a difference but it still the standing charge that puts me off from signing up when elsewhere I have found 18.04 standing charge and 13.41 per kw but with mixed reviews… any thoughts?

@kel916, they’re not the absolute cheapest energy supplier in the country, but I can say personally that I didn’t join for that reason anway.

Their customer support, openness and, and community values seem far better than any other supplier and it was that (along with supplying renewables) which drew me to them as a supplier.

If you look at your old bills, you will likely find that unless you’re looking at a supply for a second home, your kWh unit usage costs will absolutely dwarf any difference in standing charge anyway.

On your comment about the £50 referral, yes I suspect that the majority of the reviews are simply people pedalling their referral link, but if you ignore that (personally it annoys the crap out of me), the company itself does seem to be one of the best out there.

I can’t be doing with constantly changing energy, insurance, broadband etc suppliers - I have a life to live. B)
Some years ago I changed to Co-op Energy, as although they may not have been THE cheapest in any particular month they’d always be among the most competitive. All was fine for a while, but lately that has changed, so I’ve opted for Bulb.
The premise is the same - always competitive - but even better, following closely wholesale prices, so decreases do happen! And one simple tariff instead of a mish-mash of confusion.
Another thing I really appreciate is the autonomy I have as a customer - being able to go online and change my DD amount up or down, or change the day of the month it’s paid.
Any queries I’ve had have been dealt with promptly, whiether by phone, email or this forum. :slight_smile: