Why can you never get a reply from customer service

I rejoined in October 2020 and I have had no end of problems. My emails are either answered rudely or completely ignored. Has anyone else had to make an official complaint to Ofgen just for a reply?

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I have not complained to Ofgem, and have eventually received replies to e-mails after a few days; however, these are mostly always very abrupt or extremely rude from Bulb. Having been with Bulb for over a year now, I can say in all honesty, that Bulb are nothing like the great Supplier I switched too, back then. I am currently looking at my options now as the entire experience is just draining and repetitive. And reading on this forum, it is clear that I am not alone. Hope you get a reply soon and your issue resolved! Have a great day.

Thank you Emma. I returned to bulb because of their great customer service but agree, this is not the same company they were before. Price wise they have increased incredibly so I may just accept it was a bad decision and switch suppliers. Octopus anyone ?

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Quite a few have switched to :octopus: especially if they have an EV, or E7

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It is Octopus I am seriously considering switching too, I stand to only save £60 a year if I do so. However, this is would be an added bonus. Their reputation and 5 star Trust Pilot Reviews speak for themselves. And to be able to actually speak to an adviser and have any issues resolved promptly, would be the main deciding factor for myself. Bulb’s blasé attitude and blunt replies to queries etc, is very discouraging and off-putting! Good Luck with your issue Lisa and I hope you get it resolved in a timely manner, if you do decide to stick with them.

May as well be in your bank as theirs, buy a lot of face masks for 60 quid


Haha Skippy, you are completely right of course. I am awaiting my WHD and then I will decide how to progress. Figure that gives me a few months to see if Bulb improve their Customer Service or continue to deteriorate. At least I know my options now, should the time come to leave Bulb when WHD credit has expired…if I ever receive it that is haha. Have a good day Skippy :blush:

you live in hope more than epectation.
Buen suerte


there is absolutely no question of remaining with Bulb. My only decision is to go directly with octopus or via Marks and spencer energy, and get a gift voucher !!!. I am so annoyed as I have recommended Bulb to so many people. They couldn’t even get my opening readings correct even with photographic evidence provided, and though getting readings each month, they still estimate my gas !!!

Has anyone heard from their customer service department recently. They ‘updated’ my account to put it nearly 2k in debt using some weird readings and can I get hold of anyone to resolve it? No. I did get some stupid response saying these are estimates. Yes, how do you even go from 90 quid a month to nearly 2K!
They used to be great and now they are hands down one of the most shocking companies to deal with. I’m also pissed as I recommended them to and quite frankly they need to be reported. Has anyone had any luck with Ofgen. Can we do a group submission?

As I understand it individual complaints to the Ombudsman cost Bulb as much to deal with as a group one, so better to raise as many individual cases with the Ombudsman as possible and the combined cost might make them take more notice.

Mind you, I’ve complained directly to the top and got a promise a senior team would look into my issues and two days later I’ve not heard a thing so you would have to conclude they just don’t care either way.

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Enough is enough. I have raised my complaint to the ombudsman but have given notice and moved to M&S energy - provided by bulb. Original readings not used, e-mails saying they have accepted my readings yet still, getting estimates. They are appalling. If you do get a reply - it is sarcastic or just downright rude. Nokwanda anyone ???

sorry Marks and spencer is provided by Octopus. Certainly not by bulb :!!!

I paid our monthly bill on the 4th Jan 2021. Just received an email that they’re taking another payment out of my bank on the 11th Jan 2021 for the same amount? Also my account is in credit of over £270? I just do not understand what has happened to this company?

Your direct debit guarantee should ensure if you stop the payment with your bank that you are not liable for bank charges. I agree with an earlier responder, we all need to put complaints in to the ombudsman and I suggest you move suppliers

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Quite simply the infrastructure imploded inwards upon itself under the strain of to many customers all at once.

Complaint about the objection to my switch has now been raised to Ombudsman. I’ve got open and ignored complaints for my lack of bills, ignoring readings, incorrect final bill, late final bills, refusal to pay automatic compensation which will all separately escalate to Ombudsman.
It’s going to be an expensive month…

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Way to go, hit them where it hurts.
The profits and losses columns should make interesting reading at the end of this financial year.

Hi @Lisa_B1968

I am sorry that have not replied to your post until now.

We are sorry for the poor service you have received. Start meter readings can be incorrect as they are confirmed by a regulator who give both companies that same read - the exchange read - so that you are never billed twice for a KWH. However, it can mean that the day you start the read isn’t the actual read it was on the day. We can dispute this with your old supplier if there is a substantial difference.

I can see that my colleague Jessica has opened a complaint for you. If you wish to add to the complaint we request that you reply directly to her emails to keep everything in one place.


Hi @slambert92

We are sorry that you had this poor experience, two payments should not be taken in one month unless this was requested.

I can see that my colleague has opened a complaint for you, please respond to the complaint if you wanted to add anything else to it.