Why can't I book a Smart Meter installation?

I’ve received an email telling me I should book an appointment for a Smart Meter to be installed but every time I click on the link to book one it says there are no appointments available in my area but to check back the next day as appointments are being added every day. But this isn’t the case as I keep checking first thing each morning and I get the same message every day. Why isn’t there a queue system or some way of registering an interest?

@sarlane don’t have them installed yet. They don’t work in quite a few properties and you will be left still sending your readings manually and not seeing usage.

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Thanks for the advice. We’ll wait!


Hey @sarlane,

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So Winter is usually our busiest period of the entire year when it comes to meter jobs, it could also be that you have a complex metering set-up and we don’t have any stock of smart meters that are eligible for your setup :frowning:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via live chat or email (help@bulb.co.uk) so we can double check this for you!

Thank you so much for your constructive feedback about how we should improve our queue or register for interest system. We do have an internal waiting list for members who have complicated meter setups and therefore, we can’t fit their smart meter yet, but this is a rather manual process. :pensive:

Having a queue system or a way to register to keep you in the loop is something I can definitely get behind!

I have just passed this onto our development team, thank you kindly for your input :relaxed:

Trevor, I’m afraid I don’t buy your reply. I have had the same experience of trying repeatedly to book an installation, with your website telling me all appointments are booked. When I followed it up directly with your help advisors it turned out you are not installing any smart meters in my area at all, so you wasted a lot of my time.
I don’t think you should be misleading customers into thinking you are installing in their area by saying “appointments are all booked”. This was clearly not true in my case.
Why can’t you be honest with customers and tell them when you will be working in their area so?

I work in IT and i can tell you you categorically do not want a smart meter - they are a nightmare for all manner of reasons and will NOT save you money!

Believe it - why not google and do some research before you buy into all the false claims.

Try googling incompatibility, fire hazard, incorrect readings or just browse this foruma dn Soctttish Power and see how many people are having problems with So called SMART METERS - Do your research before you purchase!

Hi @Paulpat,

The issue you were facing was just a temporary unavailability of engineers in your location due to COVID 19 unfortunately. Appointments were available but all were indeed booked up due to a shortage of engineers as a result of the pandemic. Always feel free to reply to my colleagues complaint email for an update on this at any time.